Current Projects

Agriculture and Field Robotics

  • Methods for Simultaneous Orchard and Harvesting Robot Design
  • Greenhouse Vehicle Steering Using an Overhead Guide
  • Autonomous ground vehicle navigation in orchards
  • Design of a Task-Based Modular Agriculture Robot
  • A New Concept for Herding Dairy Cows to a Milking Robot
  • Cooperative Autonomous Ground Vehicle and Aerial Vehicle for Autonomous Navigation in an Orchard
  • Reinforcement Learning for Autonomous Vehicle Navigation in Unknown Rough Terrain
  • 3D tree scanning

Dynamic Locomotion

  • Minimalistic Control Strategies for Damped and Undamped SLIP-based Dynamic Running Robots
  • Improving Stability and Reaching Absolute Destinations for the Conservative SLIP Model
  • Minimalistic Dynamic Climbing Robots
  • Design and Modeling of a Minimalistic Robotic Swimmer

Civil Applications

  • Autonomous Pile Disassembly for Urban Search and Rescue Missions
  • Automated System for Projection of Interior Construction Layouts

Soft Robots

  • CNT-based actuators

Past Projects

Mechanics in Gait Asymmetry: Is asymmetry in walking useful? Collaboration with R. Gregg, Y. Dhaher and K. Lynch (Northwestern University).

HARPĀ  Highly Articulated Robotic Probe: Miniature snake for cardiac surgery. Collaboration with Howie Choset, Alon Wolf, Brett Zubiate, Stephen Tully, and more. This has spun off into MedRobotics

Duality Between Maxwell Theory and Singularities in Parallel Manipulators. Collaboration with Alon Wolf.

Knee Bio-Mechanics (collaboration with Alon Wolf)

Pre-Operative Knee Kinematics Modeling

Knee pathology classification