September 2015: Our robots (and students) helped produce a clip for the Jewish New Year for the Technion. From our mobile manipulator (semi-autonomously picking a pomegranate) to the small Jackal’s bringing apples to the Technion’s president.

 Mobile Manipulation:

Our Schunk LWA 4d Mobile Manipulator doing a block manipulation demo:

Dynamic Locomotion:

Momentum-Driven Single-Actuated Swimming Robot (presented in IEEE IROS 2015)

The ParkourBot using Swing Leg Retraction on Rough Terrain (presented in IEEE IROS 2014)

The ParkourBot

Minimalistic, Dynamic, Tube Climbing Robot

DSAC – A Dynamic Single Actuator Climbing Robot

Bifurcations due to input frequency change (omega):

Bifurcations due to link length change (ls):

Bifurcations due to damping change:

Older (2007) video showing initial prototype: