Current Projects

  • Minimalism in Robotics – Dynamic locomotion
  • Dynamic Climbing – Design and control of a single actuator dynamic climbing robot
  • Autonomous Systems and mobile manipulation in unstructured environments with applications such as search and rescue and agriculture.
  • Agriculture Robotics –  Minimalistic manipulation, Optimal design, Precision Agriculture, Autonomous spraying, etc.
  • Soft Robotics


  • Mechanics in Gait Asymmetry: Is asymmetry in walking useful? Collaboration with R. Gregg, Y. Dhaher and K. Lynch (Northwestern University).
  • HARP  Highly Articulated Robotic Probe: Miniature snake for cardiac surgery. Collaboration with Howie Choset, Alon Wolf, Brett Zubiate, Stephen Tully, and more. This has spun off into MedRobotics
  • Duality Between Maxwell Theory and Singularities in Parallel Manipulators. Collaboration with Alon Wolf.
  • Knee Bio-Mechanics (collaboration with Alon Wolf)
    • Pre-Operative Knee Kinematics Modeling
    • Knee pathology classification